About The Company

Beautiful Boss Women was established in September 2020; during the pandemic, amongst a group of friends that had a desire to connect more by hosting a dinner to help empower one another! It was very refreshing to be amongst a group of like-minded women opening up about different life experiences as well as promoting self-love, encouraging, and supporting one another. The event had gone so well they then decided to share the vision with other women in the community that was in need of the same encouragement and uplifting; in doing so the number of women attending their dinners started to increase. 

Beautiful Boss Women LLC is a Life Coaching Agency designed to promote self-love in the community through hosting events and creating workshops as well as helping others heal from past experiences, face their insecurities, and bring awareness to mental health. Our goal is to support women of all nationalities and provide safe spaces for them to achieve their full potential. 

Beautiful Boss Women is not only just a company but a group of individuals that wake up and choose to live their lives by these core values:


• Integrity 

• Dignity 

• Professionalism 

• Leadership 

• Self-Love 

• Accountability 

• Family 

• Personal Development 

• Respect 

Everything we do at Beautiful Boss Women LLC is based on our core values. Our core values drive us to motivate others to be the best version of themselves.

We stand by others and their FUTURE.


Our Mission

Empower others by inspiring self-growth through promoting self-love, emotional healing, building entrepreneurship, providing knowledge for financial stability, and taking the necessary steps to enhance and develop the essential skills needed to reach their full potential.


Our Vision

To unite, uplift, and inspire others by creating a safe environment for them to heal from past experiences, and insecurities as well as bring awareness to mental health.

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